Bullet journal wishlist

The ultimate bullet journal wishlist

Yeah, that’s right, I fell prey to the stationary gods. Again. (To literally no one’s surprise.) I started a bullet journal in January, and I HAVEN’T LOST IT OR RUINED IT YET. While I don’t use mine for daily tracking, I do use it for long term project planning, and so far, so good.

I’m a list person. I love lists. When I was a kid I’d make packing lists for one night sleepovers, okay? I make lists for my lists. I schedule in my planning sessions: Monday mornings in my schedule says: “Coffee and contemplation: bullet journal check in.” I get my coffee, my breakfast, and my fancy pens, and I have at it.


There’s never enough stationary. I can’t resist a sparkly notebook, fun stickers, or really nice pens. I’m like some kind of papercrafting magpie. And so, I’m here to enable you all to be just as ridiculous as I am and swoon over notebooks and stuff. You’re welcome. (Note: this post contains affiliate links, that just means if you click on the link in the post to buy that thing, I get like .05%. It helps me pay for the cost of keeping up this website!)

Bullet journals

Personally, I have a boring black one that I covered with nerdy stickers. However, after building this wishlist I can honestly say I want to fill mine up sooner so I can get my hands on one of these amazing beauties. I personally recommend bullet journals with dot grids in them, but some people prefer simple lined or line grids. To each their own, but I think these work best!

Cactus bullet journalCactus bullet journal, via Amazon

Unicorn bullet journalUnicorn grid journal via Amazon

Archery arrow bullet journalArchery/arrow dot grid journal via Amazon

Narwhal geeky bullet journalNarwhal bullet journal via Amazon

Galaxy themed bullet journalGalaxy print bullet journal via Amazon

Succulent cacti bullet journal coverSucculent dot grid journal via Amazon


Stickers for bullet journals

Who doesn’t love stickers, right? I’m a big fan of stickers: someday I want professional sticker printing equipment, for EVEN MORE STICKERS.

Bullet journal planner stickersPlanner stickers via Amazon

Fancy post it notes for bullet journalsFancy post it notes via Amazon

Rainbow stickers for bullet journalsRainbow star stickers via Amazon

Emoji bullet journal stickersEmoji stickers via Amazon



Succulent stickersSucculent stickers via Etsy

Really nice pens

Nice journals are no point without nice pens. I highly recommend getting a huge pack of pretty pens to play with!

Bullet journal pensFineliner pens via Amazon

Gel pens for bullet journalsRainbow gel pens via Amazon



Washi Tape

This kind of tape is a must have for bullet journals: it won’t damage the paper in your journal, and it can add some cute accents without much hassle.

Days of the week washi tape for bullet journalsDays of the week washi tape via Etsy

Rainbow washi tape for bullet journalsRainbow washi tape via Amazon

Glitter washi tapeGlitter washi tape via Amazon

Patterned washi tapePatterned washi tape via Amazon

Metallic skinny washi tapeSkinny metallic washi tape via Amazon


Bullet journal accessories and stencils

Not all of us were gifted with the magic of artistic talent, and for us, there are stencils. Thank the stationary god for that, right?

Bullet journal stencilBullet journal stencil via Amazon

Bullet journal banner stencilsBanner stencils via Amazon

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The ultimate bullet journal wishlist and guide for beginners

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