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THE BOOK: an update

Hoo boy, here we go on this: I recently wrote a post for Karie Bookish about the struggles of maintaining creativity amidst a constantly shifting, chaotic political landscape.

You say, “But Angie, just don’t worry about it! *I* don’t stress about politics!”

If you want to know more about my thoughts on that, you can read the post on her blog.ย 

This post is about the book, and whether or not I’ve reached critical mass. Here’s a hint:

GamerCrafting book

I’ve been accepted into several yarn shows this year and early next year, which I am beyond thrilled about! But that also means that this summer is chock full of dyeing, tagging, prepping, and assembling. There will be new designs! There will be kits! There will be amazing collaborations with the fabulously talented Anna Nikipirowicz! There will be mini skeins and gradient packs!

Here are some things you can expect to see at chez GamerCrafting if you attend The Perth Festival of Yarn, Yarndale, Nottingham Yarn Exhibition, or Waltham Abbey Wool Show:

-Neon rainbow gradient mini skein sets

-Harry Potter themed fingerless mitts kits

-New design collaborations from Anna Nikipirowicz

-Hand dyed yarns of all kinds

-New stitch marker sets


Okay but seriously, that’s a lot of prep, and I work a “day job,” so it can be intense. Good! But intense. I love dyeing yarn, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and I love acting like a mad scientist mixing dyes and activators, using inspiration from our favorite geeky genres.

I’ve been working on the book, and as it’s my first one I’m doing all the knitting myself. Someday when I’m rich (haha) and knit-famous, I’ll be able to pay knitters to knit my designs for me! But for now, that’s not going to happen. I can, however, give you a sneak peek of what Nerdy Knitting for Geeks, volume 1 will contain:

-Skull cardigan with POCKETS, elbow patches, and hood (done!)

-8-bit heart slouchy swewater (in progress after several false starts)

-Kraken boot cuffs and matching mitts (done!)

-Dinosaur scarf (not yet started)

-Snuggly poke-socks (featuring GamerCrafting yarn!) (done!)

-Mug cosies (in progress)

-Dice bag (in progress)

Working on THE BOOK has meant that I’ve been acting as a monogamous knitter. No crochet either, even though I’m obsessed with The Shawl Project 3 and want to make ALL THE THINGS. I’m bad at being a monogamous knitter: when I get frustrated or bored, I want to banish WIPs to the shame cupboard and forget them for awhile. Even though I’m self-publishing this book, which means all deadlines are self-imposed, I’m acutely aware that if I want an autumn launch, I need to be done, like, yesterday.

I’ve learned a lot about self publishing: specifically, that it’s hella expensive. Paying for ISBN numbers, barcodes, shipping, the actual PRINTING of said book, formatting by a professional who won’t mess it up, photography, models, on and on it spins.

My original plan was to be done by the end of July: with a trip to Madrid on the cards in the middle of the month, that probably won’t happen unless I GET INTO GEAR and finish things that need finishing.

Anyway, stay tuned: will I be able to have an autumn launch, or am I crazy?

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