Free bunting crochet pattern

Last minute 4th of July bunting crochet pattern (for procrastinators)

Okay, you caught me! I admit it! I am the world’s worst procrastinator when it comes to holiday craft projects. I always make big grandiose plans…and then panic when I realize it’s only a few days away. Oops.

Free bunting crochet pattern

Living in London, sometimes I forget about American events. “Oh, it’s the Super Bowl? I had no idea.” “Presidents Day? You don’t say!” I realized shortly after planning a campervan trip to the coast for this weekend that the 4th of July is on MONDAY. Now, I don’t get that day off, and I don’t have any grand plans, and I’m certainly not aggressively patriotic, but I thought it might be fun to make some American flag bunting to take on the trip this weekend.

Free bunting crochet pattern

This is a super easy pattern, and it uses bulky weight yarn. I made this WHOLE THING in one evening watching Netflix.



Get started

Chain 2.
2 single crochets into the second chain from the hook.
Chain one, ย and turn work. Do 2 single crochets into both stitches.
Chain one, and turn work.
For this and every following row, 2 single crochets into the first stitch, and one single crochet into every other stitch. Chain one, ย and turn work.
Work in this manner until there are 17 stitches across, and tie off.
I made five triangles in red, and five triangles in blue. There’s plenty of yarn to make more than that if you want, though!
Join the bunting
Chain 20 (or more if you need a longer tail).
Working across the top of the triangle, single crochet into each stitch.
Chain 5 between each triangle, and work across each one, alternating colors.
After all your triangles are joined, use a yarn needle with a wide eye to stitch some Xs on the blue triangles. I used my crochet hook to slip stitch a wiggly stripe down each red triangle. BUT – you can always make different designs!
Free bunting crochet pattern

Happy 4th of July, American buddies!

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