Introducing: custom dyed yarns!

Custom dyed yarn from GamerCrafting

Do you have someone special in mind? Do you have an idea of a colourway that you want but can’t find anywhere?

Introducing: custom dyed yarn!
I’ve gotten inquiries from a few knitters and crocheters asking for custom dye orders, so I think it’s about time I tell everyone about it.

The details: 

1. You can pick almost any natural fibre base and weight. 

If I can find it undyed, I’ll dye it for you! Sorry, no acrylic or acrylic blends, those won’t take the kinds of dyes I use. They require industrial strength dyes that are unsafe to use in the home without a gas mask, and are generally very difficult to get a hold of. Wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, bamboo, mohair, linen, you got it!

2. Price will depend on what you want.

Obviously not all undyed bases cost the same amount, so it will depend on what you want and how much. In most cases, each skein will cost less if you order more of them. It will also cost more if you have a work intensive idea: for example, true ombre yarns take about 4x as long to dye than hand paints.


3. You’re the boss! 

You can send me a shade palette, a photo for inspiration, or a specific shade, and I’ll do everything I can to match it. Got a sunset photo from a vacation, or want to match a dress? I can do that!

4. Places are limited. 

Because custom orders are so time intensive, especially when sourcing special undyed bases, spaces are limited. It will depend on how many skeins people want, so if you want in, shoot me a message on Twitter (@AngelinaPanozzo), Instagram (@GamerCrafting), or on Facebook.


5. If you want something for Christmas, get in touch NOW. 

Because it takes time for me to get the undyed base in that you requested, prep the fibre, research your shades, dye the fiber, treat the fiber, package it, and ship it out, you’ll need to contact me ASAP if you’re hoping to get something in time for Christmas. If you live overseas (USA, Canada, Australia), it might be necessary to pay for expedited shipping to make sure it gets there in time. I never charge more than the cost I pay, and in many cases I pay more than I ask for shipping when sending things overseas.

Get in touch if you’re interested, and stay tuned for the reveal of the 100% cotton, aran weight sequin yarns later this week!

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