I get by with a little help from my friends (and yarn): Little Box of Crochet reveal

I get by with a little help from my friends, oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. I’ve been very lucky in life to meet some truly kind, giving, and open people with hearts of gold. That’s the only bad part about living all over the world – leaving friends behind. I don’t know how we’d get by without social media to keep in touch, I’d have hundreds of hand-written letters to send if I was living 100 years ago!

Friend and fellow crafter/blog editor Merion knew I’ve been feeling stressed and a bit down lately. Call it the change of the seasons, call it stress from work, or call it not getting enough sleep, I’ve just not had much motivation or “zing” the past couple weeks.

Last week, I walked into the office to discover these precious beauties on my desk:

I get by with a little help from my friends (and yarn): blog post on GamerCrafting

(There was also chocolate, but no photographic evidence of that, because I ate it all. Oops.)

First of all, I haven’t stopped petting that KnitPicks Billow yarn since I found it on my desk. It’s SO. SOFT. It’s the best chunky cotton I’ve ever felt, and I’m obsessed with it. I need more. MORE. I want to make a giant fluffy bed out of it and sleep in it forever.

She also gave me a Little Box of Crochet! I was totally blown away by her kindness, and simultaneously overcome with excitement. Little Box of Crochet is the best subscription box I’ve ever encountered (and I like presents, so I’ve tried a lot of them). Each box contains everything you need for a little project designed by a big name in the crochet community every month.

Little box of crochet reveal on GamerCrafting

Yarn, a subscription crochet box, and chocolate. Nothing else could turn my mood around that fast, except maybe coming home to a brand new Playstation 4 and the newest Tomb Raider game. The way to my heart is through my crafting and my addiction to chocolate, that’s for sure.

I started to unbox my Little Box of Crochet…

Little Box of Crochet reveal on GamerCrafting

Am I excited? Um, YES….! It’s like Christmas in June!

Little Box of Crochet reveal on GamerCrafting

Oh my GOD. Amigurumi mushrooms?! I LOVE IT. These cuties were designed by the fabulous Kate Bruning of Greedy for Colour, and I seriously can’t wait to get started. Can all my other time sensitive projects just finish themselves now, please?

Little Box of Crochet reveal on GamerCrafting

These mushrooms feature the stunning Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn, and the Little Box of Crochet comes with everything in this picture. The yarn to make the projects, stitch markers, a gorgeous pattern, and a new hook! (note: this is not a sponsored post, and I’m not getting paid to say this. This is pure, unadulterated crochet enthusiasm for an awesome idea that really made me smile!)

But seriously, I want to make these mushrooms RIGHT NOW. Can I just pretend I don’t have magazine yarn reviews to right, designs to finish, block, and pitch, or a trip to plan and pack for? Can I just ignore all of that now, and make mushrooms, and take pictures of them in my fledgling vegetable garden?

In any case, I’m very grateful that Merion is my friend and colleague – she’s one of the kindest, most selfless people I know. I just have to figure out what to get her when I’m in Italy next week! Italian yarn, anyone? (Yes, I’m looking up yarn shops in Florence….again.)

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