Flower appliques for knitters AND crocheters

You know, sometimes knitters want to make an applique, too. And sometimes crocheters want to spice up a simple flower. And sometimes, the bi-stitchual among us (haha) want to cross over to the other side for awhile. I’ll admit, I don’t always want to knit – sometimes a hook feels better in my hands after a long day. And after weeks of crocheting, needles are a welcome change.

These two flower patterns/tutorials are for knitters AND crocheters – one for each. One of them was created for the LoveKnitting Knit by Bit feature a few weeks ago, and the other was something I found on Pinterest in Italian a few weeks ago and translated the idea into English. Yay!

First up: a flower knitting pattern

A flower knitting pattern from GamerCrafting
All you need for this little beauty is about 40cm (16 inches) of i-cord, a button, some clothespins (or another kind of marker), and a yarn needle. Want to learn more? Check it out on the LoveKnitting blog and leave a comment if you loved it.

Next: the button center flower crochet tutorial

Zzzzziiiiinnnngggggg! This is a crochet flower taken up to the next level with a button center. You will need either giant buttons or tiny crochet hooks for this project! 
Button center flower tutorial on GamerCrafting
Love this project? Pin this image!
It looks complicated, but I promise it’s not! First you need to find a button with four holes and a crochet hook small enough that it will fit through the holes. 
Button center crochet flower tutorial with GamerCrafting
Poke the hook through a hole and pull a loop through – you’ll need to hold the loose end of the yarn at first. Go over the button and make a slip stitch to stabilize it. 
Button center flower crochet tutorial on GamerCrafting
Chain four, and dive into the next hole to the left. Make a slip stitch in the same way as the first one, and chain four again. Repeat until you have gone into each buttonhole, making four sets of four chains. Then, chain four and go back into the most recent buttonhole to make a fifth chain space – it will look crowded, but don’t worry, that evens out. 
Button center flower crochet tutorial with GamerCrafting
Into each four chain space: SC, HDC, DC, TR, DC, HDC, SC. (In UK terms: DC, HTR, TR, DTR, TR, HTR, DC.) Leave a loop when weaving in ends if you want to use it as a garland like I did, or weave the ends in tightly if you’re using it for another reason. Enjoy! 
Button center flower crochet tutorial with GamerCrafting
I made my flowers into a garland, and hung them in the entertainment center display cupboard to show off all of our geeky trinkets. How will you use yours?
Button center crochet flower tutorial with GamerCrafting
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Happy crafting!

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