Disney Villains hand dyed yarns

Disney Villains hand dyed yarns!

So I released these new Disney villains hand dyed yarns last week, but I never actually wrote why they are Disney Villain themed.

To put it bluntly, it’s because the Villains are by far the coolest parts of the stories! Yes, villains can be based on problematic stereotypes, I won’t argue with you there. Before the recent surge in Disney movies that focus on inner struggles and family relationships (Frozen, Brave, Moana, etc), it seemed like every woman in the story who knew what she was doing was a Big Bad.

Disney Villains hand dyed yarn

The lovely gorgeous ingenues were the damsels in distress, rescued by princes and singing to birds. Pff. I’m no ingenue, I can’t dance, I have no interest in princes, and you best bet my waistline looks nothing like those corseted, unrealistic artistic imaginings.

Give up your family and everything you’ve ever known for a hunky prince you saw once and rescued from a shipwreck, who probably eats and enjoys lobster tails on the reg? Nah, I’d rather be the sea witch that everyone is terrified of. Ursula wasn’t always nice, but she was a hell of a business woman, am I right?

Disney Villains hand dyed yarn

I’m all about the twisted fairy tales and reimaginings of old stories. I was obsessed with Ella Enchanted (the book, I’m too old to have seen the movie as a little one) from an early age, and I have a guilty habit of watching Once Upon a Time, even though it’s ridiculously cheesy and occasionally terrible (but Regina’s jackets are everything I want in business casual).

Disney Villains hand dyed yarn
Dr. Facilier

A friend suggested I use the princesses as a theme. Anna, Elsa, Ariel, the lot: but then I thought….nahhhhhh. This theme is all about the VILLAINS. These are some of my favourite villains: Maleficent (giant terrifying dragon), Ursula (shrewd businesswoman), Cruella (misguided fashionista), and Dr. Facilier (who has the BEST villain song ever). These yarns are 100g/skein of linen/silk/merino wool, thick and thin lace weight yarn. £15 each in the Etsy shop.

Disney Villains hand dyed yarn

Which are your favorite Disney Villains hand dyed yarns?

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