Lady Rainicorn Yarn on dinosaur skeleton background

Are you coming to Nottingham Yarn Expo?

Another month, another awesome, excellent, exciting yarn event! I had the month of October off from yarn shows to create new yarns and kits, and to make sure I had enough time to stir my cauldron and wear my tall, pointy hat. (Kidding. Mostly.)

If you’re coming to Nottingham Yarn Expo, you might be wondering what kind of fun stuff you’ll find there. Well aside from GamerCrafting (of course), you’ll also find a whole bunch of other vendors too. Along with a plethora of other indie dyers (supremely awesome ones), you’ll also be able to meet popular designers like Jem Weston and Marie Wallin, or take a class with Lynne Rowe or other teachers, or hear a talk on the art of making by Making Stories or Olive Knits. In truth, I’m only sad that I’m a vendor because it means I can’t take part in all the fun activities too.

Okay, so. First things first. My friend and fellow maker Nine Pence Bear (who makes fabulous project bags) made me this trader’s apron, and it has DINOSAUR SKELETONS on it. I’m pretty excited, but who wouldn’t be when you have an apron that looks like an episode of the Magic School Bus?

Reverse Rainicorn and Lady Rainicorn yarn

^^ Yarns pictured: Reverse Rainicorn and Lady Rainicorn, both of which will be at Nottingham Yarn Expo!

I’ll be bringing a little bit of everything to the show, but if there’s something specific you really want to pick up, please do let me know so I can make sure it gets into the car!

If you missed the announcement, there was a HUGE shop update last week. Huge. Massive. We’re talking 25 new listings *and* restocks of some sold out shades, including Reverse Rainicorn and Lady Rainicorn, both of which have been sold out frequently due to their popularity. Here’s a sneaky peek of what went into the update:

Huge Shop Update

See all that? It’s all NEW. And it’s all exciting! Proper sock shades, new sparkle speckle sock gradient cakes, Harry Potter inspired mitt kits, new chunky monkey shades, stickers, pins, and more. And it’s all coming to Nottingham (as long as I can fit it in the car)!

So if you’re in the area, come out and say hello on November 11/12th, we’ll be there!

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