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I can’t decide between these free shawl knitting patterns

Free shawl knitting patterns can raise the hackles of some designers, and with good reason: producing a pattern is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort! So with that in mind, I’ve also shared a paid pattern by the same designer, for all the designers who have paid patterns alongside their free ones.

Y’all, I’m heading to MADRID next week. It’s to see my very longtime friend (and fellow knitter and crocheter) who has known me my entire life. She’s there doing a six week study abroad course, and seeing as she lives in our hometown of Chicago, I couldn’t not go!

That said, I do NOT want to work on patterns for the book while I’m on vacation. Designing patterns means I’m constantly taking notes, ripping things back, re-knitting…it’s not ideal for the few days when I’m actually able to turn off my brain. I want to follow someone else’s pattern, but I want to use some of my yarns – after all, I don’t use them nearly as often as I dye them!

And so, here are some contenders for the shawl pattern I might take to Madrid. (Don’t worry, I know all about flight regulations, and I know how to prepare for that. Lifelines and cheap needles, and a yarn shop on the other side at the ready!)

Free shawl knitting patterns!

I like to peruse all places in Ravelry and Etsy, but someone asked me last week what my favorite free shawl patterns are. With that said I highly recommend supporting these designers, so I’m also including a paid pattern by them as well. Support designers!

Wonder Woman wrap by Carissa Browning (free)

Free shawl knitting pattern: wonder woman shawl by Carissa Browning

Y’ALL. How could I not include this one?? It’s a new release, but quite frankly I am hella obsessed. I cried when I (finally) saw Wonder Woman last week, so I feel like this would be a good choice. Now, while I have two organic yarns that *might* work, it probably wouldn’t have as zingy an impact. I don’t dye solids very much, so this would require a stash dive OR….new yarn.

OR what about this shawl by the same designer:

Triceratops, by Carissa Browning

Dinosaur themed scarf pattern by Carissa Browning

Okay, so I’m mostly angry that no one told me there was a book of dinosaur themed shawl patterns: how dare you not tell me? I’m probably the biggest fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, even if Jurassic World had a weak storyline and hello, no woman would still have her heels on at that point. No.

Anyway, you can get each pattern for $6, or buy the set for $24. Looking at the book now, I also really, really, REALLY want to make Ankylosaurus. Triceratops calls for 400m (about one skein) of fingering/4-ply, so I think I’d spring to make this in a skein of Vampire Queen from the recent sparkle sock Adventure Time launch.

Afetos by Cartucha Knits (free)

Free shawl knitting pattern by Cartucha knits

What! This is STUNNING. And a free pattern?! I’ve been meaning to attack lace for some time now, and if I were to stash dive, I’d pair Clefairy Dust with Princess Bubblegum for a superpink sparkly shawl.

This designer doesn’t have any paid patterns (she should because she’s super talented!) but she does have a free sock pattern that has my heart yearning!

Zanbonia by Daria Sorokina (free)

Free shawl knitting pattern by Daria Sorokina


This shawl is random and crazy and I LOVE IT. I love that little picot edging and how it really showcases a more coloured and saturated yarn. I’d be tempted to make this with Aard from the Witcher 3 themed set and have a nice cloud-like shawl.

Sunkota by Daria Sorokina

Sunkota shawl by Daria Sorokina

I love this one too: that lace edge and the eyelet stripes? Perfection. I’d use Lumpy Space for this one, because it would be purple, sparkly, and moody, just like me. This pattern is $7.20 from her store, and it’s totally worth it! (This also makes me want to dye some aggressively yellow yarns!)

Your Ice Cream Shawl by Tetiana Otruta (free)

Free shawl knitting pattern by Tetiana Otruta

How pretty is this lacy shawl? I’d have to pair Weyland-Yutani and Alien Blood from the Alien release for a citrusy burst of a shawl. Yummmm!

Reflection line by Tetiana Otruta

Reflection Line by Tetiana Otruta

I love this one from her collection too: I’m a total sucker for eyelet panels and geometric shaping. It’s $7.20 in her Ravelry shop, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist! I think I’d go with a skein of Fionna the Human for this one, I think the speckled sections would work up nicely in those eyelets.

So, which one should I choose?

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Free shawl knitting patterns for summer to showcase hand dyed yarns


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  1. Just found your blog because I’m making up a shawl as I go along. I love knitting blogs and I love League of Legends, so I will be checking in again soon! I love your villian dye themes especially the wedding shawl, very inspiring thanks!

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