What do you do when your creativity stalls?

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Sometimes, your creativity can stall. Some have called it “writer’s block,” but not all creatives are writers. Some of us are musicians, bakers, designers, or artists. Whether you’re starting a blank canvas or a ball of yarn, the feeling of failure can wreak havoc on a creative. Here are my foolproof methods for beating back the brain bats and getting back to business.

Step one:

Go for a walk. If you are differently-abled, try to get a change of scenery. Sometimes, just leaving your apartment or studio can job some creativity. Getting frustrated is only going to cause more problems, so get your shoes on and remind yourself what the outside world looks like. 

Step two: 

Take some pictures. No, not everyone has fancy photography equipment, or even an interest in taking pictures – but sometimes, framing the world in a different way makes a difference. Take a picture of something small to remember just how huge and vibrant the world is. My personal favorite inspirational photography adventures are bugs, flowers, and leaves. 

Step three: 

Have a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or a milkshake. Don’t do it in your house – go to a local coffeeshop (support your local businesses if you can!) and read a book or just sit and observe life. Giving your creative brain some space to breathe gives you oxygen for ideas and contemplation. 

Step four: 

Go listen to this song. I’ve mentioned it before on my music blog, but the point stands: sometimes you need a reminder that the bad things you think about yourself aren’t valid. (Caution: profanity ahead!) 

What do you do to unblock your creativity?

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