Variegated yarn for a wedding shawl: hand dyed by GamerCrafting

Truly. Humbled.

I got an order a couple months back from a woman who requested to change the shipping address: she wanted me to send the yarn to her friend, who had promised to make her a wedding shawl. I asked her to send me photos, and she did!

Just. Look. At this gorgeous piece of artwork.



I’ll be honest with you all right now, lace patterns intimidate the hell out of me. It seems like my stitch counts always end up wrong, and if I put it down I have no idea what I’m doing when I pick it up again. Me + lace = disaster.

But not this knitter, known to her friends as Dobby and @Dobbyak on Instagram. Her lacework makes me want to cry tears of jealous joy (that’s totally a thing I just made up).

She used this pattern on Ravelry, for any interested parties.ย 

Look at it again. LOOK.

Variegated hand dyed wedding shawl yarn

When I stopped to think about the true weight of this, I felt really humbled, and very small in the whole scope of the universe. Someone loved something I made SO MUCH that she had a friend dedicate hours of delicate knitting time to make something that she wore on one of the most important days of her life.

That’s….heavy. And crazy. And really, really cool.

I launched this series of yarn awhile back, after some interested people asked me to dye up more lace weight yarns. I went for a fun speckle on a fibre blend of linen, silk, and merino wool, and used a Disney Villains theme, because why not?

This shawl was made with 2 skeins of Maleficent:ย 

Maleficent Disney Villains themed yarn by GamerCrafting

Maleficent yarn on Etsy

Like I said, lace knitting intimidates me. So does lace weight yarn, for a matter of fact. So it’s very cool to see it knitted up, and very humbling to see someone wear it ON HER WEDDING DAY. It’s bananas.

Good bananas.

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