The kinetic energy in a ball of yarn

kinetic energy in yarn: GamerCrafting

I’ve been thinking lately about the kinetic energy in a ball of yarn. Before it’s knitted or crocheted into something, a ball or skein of yarn has a beautiful kinetic energy – and I think that’s why we keep crafting.

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In physics, kinetic energy refers to the amount of energy something has as a result of its motion. I’m no rocket scientist, but I understand that the potential something has is like a universe in itself.

Before yarn reaches a hook or a pair of needles, it exists in stasis – at that moment, it could become almost anything. I think that’s why we all have huge yarn stashes; the amount of creativity just waiting to blossom is waiting just around the corner, inside the next yarn shop, and on the next new set of needles.

Above: a skein of yarn I hand-dyed, which I called “Cheshire Cat”

Maybe I’m crazy, but maybe I’m right! What do you think?

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