Scented sock drawer balls and fighting the urge to hide in a fort until 2018

There’s a new crochet pattern/tutorial for scented sock drawer balls that I made over on the Laughing Hens blog. I didn’t manage to cast on any socks for Socktober, but I still wanted to participate in some way, even if it’s with tiny balls full of smelly stuff. At least it gave me an excuse to buy those rosemary and heather plants I’ve been eyeing up at the store lately, and definitely gave me some ideas for holiday gifting this year.

You may have noticed that I’m not my normal chipper self lately: you’re right. While I feel totally at home in my job and (mostly?) happy with how my professional life is growing and progressing, I feel a deep and heavy ennui at the state of international politics.

I know, I know: you’re not hear for politics. I get that. Back in June, when Brexit happened, I was pretty mild and vague in my feelingsย – on this blog, anyway. But it takes a toll, especially when you’re an immigrant on an EU visa, being chucked around as a “bargaining chip” by people who will never be affected by these decisions.

I look at my home country, the motherland, the good old US of A, which is apparently at least half full with people willing to elect a totally unqualified, hateful failed businessman to the presidency. Okay.

Okay, world, you win. I’m going to go build a fort out of my mountains of yarn and live in it until 2018 when all this Brexit mess has been (hopefully?) decided on, and (hopefully) we’ll have the first woman president of the United States, and (hopefully) we can get back to building lives as kind, inclusive, positive, hopeful people. Don’t bother looking for the biscuits and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream – I’m taking them with me into the fort.

Au revoire!

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