Recovering from a long short weekend

Hmm, what could I be working on today?

Long weekends are always shorter than they seem, especially for a creative freelancer. This isn’t a humblebrag, but I literally don’t know how to take a day off. I’m always working on something new, whether it’s a new pattern for my readers, freelance work for knitting and crochet magazines and blogs, or spending time with the musical half of me.

This weekend, I worked every day, putting together blog posts, getting photography done, coming up with a super awesome new project (that will launch soon, I promise). Don’t think that this is complaining – I love my job and what it lets me do. Coming up later this week is the promised tutorial for these rainbow granny squares – if I’m brave, maybe I will put it on periscope as I film it. I plan to have a beginner’s version, because so many knitters have asked me to help them, and an intermediate version of the tutorial for those of you who are old hat when it comes to a granny. Hopefully everyone will be appeased!


So stay tuned for some big announcements in the next few weeks, as GamerCrafting moves into the world of video tutorials. EXCITING!


In other news, lucky for you all, the limited edition “Rapture” shade is still available in my Etsy shop. I ship internationally, and in the UK there’s just one flat shipping fee. If I know you in real life, drop me a line and we can do an in-person exchange. Get it before it’s gone for good, when this month’s shade gets released in a few weeks. (Click here to see this yarn on Etsy!)

Click this awesome caption to buy some of this awesome yarn! <3

What were you up to this weekend?

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