Rainbow baby legwarmer knitting pattern

Rainbow baby leg warmers knitting pattern – inspired by colors and Cappses

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Rainbow baby legwarmer knitting pattern

There’s nothing I love more than a commission – and a commission for something brand new is like a dream come true. The Capps family (Hi Emma and Justin and kids!) are friends of mine, and a while back they welcomed a new addition to their family: baby Ezra, alias: Kraken.

The Capps family decided that baby Ezra needed some rainbow striped baby leg warmers. I set to work with some Katia Merino Baby yarn, a 4-ply/sport weight that’s super soft and perfect for baby skin. Plus it comes in a huge rainbow of colors!

Rainbow baby legwarmer knitting pattern

These baby leg warmers are perfect for beginners: they are knitted flat from the top down and seamed up using the mattress stitch. All you have to know how to do is knit, purl, decrease, and change colors. I chose to knit these with opposite color gradients, but you’ll have plenty of yarn to knit both with the same stripe pattern if you wish – even then you’ll have loads of yarn left. (For more baby leg warmers or….another project?) These baby leg warmers fit babies who are currently wearing size 6 – 9 month clothing.

This is my first paid pattern (with oodles more to come, exciting), so it’s a step into a new direction for this Jack of all trades. You can click here to buy it on LoveKnitting, or if you’re more comfortable with Ravelry, it’s over there as well.

Look at cute baby Kraken. Aww.

Rainbow baby legwarmer knitting pattern

As a side note: if you want the pattern for a different size, message me and I’ll get working on it! I have some cool designs on the back burner and I hope you all like them. Hit me up on Instagram @GamerCrafting!

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