Organize your DPNs

Organize your DPNs with washi tape!

I’m working on some new projects, and I’ve found that DPNs work better for them. I’m usually more of a magic loop girl, but sometimes we have to default to the evil DPNs. But I conquered them with washi tape.

I know that some super organized, minimalist, infinitely tidier crafters keep all of their needles and hooks in beautiful bespoke cases in their one small craft box. While I may be (mostly) organized, I’m not particularly tidy, and I can’t keep things in cases, boxes, or drawers because I need easier access. My needles and hooks are in jars on my desk, which meant my DPNS were all mixed up, in a jar, on my desk. It took me ages to pick out all of the right ones for whatever size I was looking for. I was bereft. More importantly, I was annoyed.

Enter washi tape.

Organize your DPNs

I’ve got tons of this stuff laying around, and I’m not even a scrapbooker (anymore). I use it occasionally for weird half formed projects, wrapping gifts when I can’t find the tape, and stacking on my desk in such a way that it’s always falling over and one rolls under the couch and I spend 10 minutes swearing and sweating as I try to dig it out.

If you don’t have any at home, there’s loads on Amazon. You can even get aย rainbow set. It’s not expensive and…useful. For…things. Something, I’m sure of it. Pinterest says it’s useful.

To make a long story short, basically, you just pick a color for each needle size and wrap a little bit around each needle, far enough away from the tip that it’s unlikely it will snag. It probably won’t anyway and washi tape doesn’t use any kind of gluey adhesive so you should be fine.

Make a key somewhere, unless you’re one of those people with a photographic memory: in which case, good for you, I applaud you! The rest of us mortals will continue forgetting why we went into the next room and forgetting milk, again, for the third time this week.

Here’s what mine looks like: (note: current needles that I’m using not pictured)

Organize your DPNs

By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve used washi tape to help me organize my crafting stash: click here to take a look at that.

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  1. Perfect idea! The worst is when the size of the needle is printed onto the needle and when you use them the size rubs off, making it quite a lengthy task trying to find it's friends. Washi is a such a great solution to this. Thank you โค๏ธ

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