One more time now: I do not have time to knit socks

Last weekend, I posted on Instagram about how I don’t have time to knit socks for Socktober this year. I posted a picture of the first hank of yarn that I ever hand dyed while writing a series of articles for LoveKnitting on the science of dyeing yarn. I totally fell in love with dyeing (obviously, as my Etsy shop can attest to), and the first rainbow skein led me down a rabbit hole that I’m still tumbling through with more or less precision and success.

I dug out the rainbow skein, took a few pictures lamenting my lack of time, and intended on putting it back into the stash box.

Except I didn’t.

It sat on my desk for three days, staring at me while I worked on other, more pressing projects that have deadlines.

(Side note: for all of you asking on Instagram and Facebook where to find those heart shaped stitch markers, you can get them here for ยฃ5.99, there are six in a pack and they’re more sturdy than the boring cheapie ones I’ve bought over and over.)

And then one evening, after a few glasses of wine, I decided that was the optimal moment to wind it into a cake – you know, just in case the world tilts on its axis and somehow gives us eight extra hours every day to craft with.

I realized that my skein umbrella and ball winder don’t fit on any of the surfaces in my flat. The other times I used them, I was using the small fold up table that now lives on the balcony, housing the tomatoes, garlic, and basil plants.

So, yes, in case you’re wondering, I did go out onto my balcony at almost midnight, move and reorganize all of the plants out there, just so I could bring in the small spare table and wind my yarn. My poor, long-suffering wife just looked on in disbelief (as usual).

I wound the hank into a cake, and so far have managed to resist casting anything new on while I feverishly knit the Pumpkin Cowl in desperate hopes that I can finish it this month (at this rate, I probably won’t).

But here it sits, staring at me, challenging me to cast on something new.

We’ll see how long I can resist.

Probably not much longer.

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