No, I’m not knitting anything for Christmas: weekend exploits

“Angie, what are you knitting for Christmas gifts this year?”

Yep, that’s right, nothing.

Last year I knitted ALL THE THINGS. Almost everyone in my immediate friend and family circle got someone I made. I sent squishy packages all over the world to my international loved ones.

You know what? It was a ton of work. I got stressed out by shipping deadlines, I was literally knitting and crocheting until my hands were raw, and some people (who shall remain nameless) didn’t even really appreciate it. One person said, “Oh…a hat. Thanks.” (For the record that was a 100% alpaca CABLED HAT THANK YOU VERY MUCH.)

This year, I’m working on projects that make me happy. It’s been a hell of a year, I rarely make “selfish” projects, and I want to practice some self care in the way of sparkly yarn and pom poms.

I wandered through Pinterest last week and made a few different snowflakes and stars. I adapted some patterns but didn’t write them down (sorry!). I used a reject skein of my new Arendelle sequined yarn: it was rejected because I really, really wanted to keep a skein.

I’ve been baking up a storm in the kitchen, preparing Christmas cookies for my friends, family, and lucky coworkers and neighbors. What do you mean, dinosaurs aren’t traditional?

I made an awesome wreath out of pom poms and a floral wreath form. I used this form from Amazon, it’s a 20 inch form: I would accept no lesser wreath. There was yarn carnage (yarnage?) on the floor afterwards, but I think it turned out pretty good. My completely objective, totally unbiased opinion is that we have the BEST wreath in the whole building. That’s a fact that I just made up.

This week I will be going up to the Laughing Hens office in Cheshire for an office party, lunching with the fabulous Anna Nikipirowicz and lovely Merion, and Friday heading out with a dear friend to pick up some fancy tea for folks back in the States. This weekend will be comprised of gift wrapping, more cookies (of course), working on my Naughty Socks, and planning out designs for the new year.

Come at me, Christmas.

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