Organize your craft stash

How to organize your craft stash without spending a fortune

It’s almost 2 full months into the new year –  have you fulfilled your resolution to organize your craft stash yet?  These quick tips have got you covered.

I like to be organized, but I’m not always good at it. I put everything away into neat little places, and then immediately forget where I stored the scissors and tear through all the drawers looking for it. I drive my other half into near insanity with my constant, “Where is my yarn needle? Where’d I leave my scissors? I thought I left my crochet hook right here!”

This year, I wanted things to be different. I wanted to find a solution that worked for me – and for me, putting things in cabinets and drawers doesn’t work. When I’m crafting, I like things to be accessible, not hidden beneath last month’s bank statement and 14 receipts from the sushi place across the street from work.

I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on fancy new storage – not to mention, I don’t have the space for that kind of thing. With limited resources, I got to work, and I found the best options for organizing your craft stash on a budget.

Glass jars

I used old instant coffee jars (don’t judge me, I’m more of a tea woman than a coffee lover). I also used some cheap spice jars like these on Amazon. I used them to hold crochet hooks, needle tips, buttons, beads – you name it, I stored it.
Organize your craft stash

Fabric boxes

It might be an old suggestion, but it’s a good one. These storage boxes have open tops and many fit into bookshelves or under desks and coffee tables. You can find these boxes in almost any size and shape, with any print you could want. I got these white ones, to make sure they go with any room they happen to end up in. I organized my yarn by weight: lace and 4 ply, DK, Aran, and chunky and super chunky. So far, it’s made cleaning up my stash dives way easier, and I can find things without turning the living room into an outtake of Hoarders.
Organize your craft stash

Washi tape

I know I’m late to this party, but once I started to use Washi tape, I knew I was a goner. This thin removable tape is perfect for renters like me, or for people who don’t like commitment to sticky things (also like me).

I ordered this washi tape in a variety of cohesive patterns that represent me and who I am. There are loads of places with unique designs now, and it’s a cheap way to dress up those glass jars we already talked about. Plus, if you mess up, you can peel it right off. No drama or crisis necessary (unlike that time I got an awesome watercolor t-rex sticker for my tablet case and put it on incorrectly).

Organize your craft stash

Store your paper in a trash basket

I love wrapping paper, and I love fun photography backgrounds. Those two things together means a lot of paper rolls kicking around in corners all over the house, gathering dust, getting in the way, and ultimately getting damaged.
Last week I HAD ENOUGH. I grabbed a basket from the bedroom (like this one) and organized my papers into rolls. Monochrome papers, pastels, and brights. A few rolls stayed on their own, like the reversible green and purple, the stags, and the wood grain. Let me tell you, it’s the best thing I’ve done for this organization challenge!
Organize your craft stash

What are your favorite ways to organize your craft stash? Tell me in the comments!

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