GamerCrafting yarns origin story

The GamerCrafting yarn origin story

This week’s #YarnLoveChallenge theme is beginnings or tutorials. Y’all know where you can find my patterns (Ravelry, LoveKnitting), so I thought I’d talk about why it is that I do. For this exercise, I’ll be interviewing myself for the GamerCrafting yarns origin story. You’re welcome.

Me: Angie, when did you know that you wanted to dye yarn? 

Also me: Well, me, I was putting together a tutorial on DIY yarn dye for LoveKnitting. I was using fun stuff like Kool-Aid and food coloring to dye yarn to show people how easy it was to have a little bit of fun with it on a rainy afternoon. And then I got bitten by the dye bug, invested in proper equipment and dyes, and started up an Etsy shop. It’s still growing, but I’m always THRILLED when someone uses my yarn or I see it in the wild on social media!

Me: And why geeky themes? 

Also me: Why NOT geeky themes? Many people use awesome things in their world as inspiration, like landscapes, literature, or butterflies. To me, video games are their own art form, so I figured there would be plenty of inspiration on offer.

I could probably squawk about how important video games are becoming as a media medium but I don’t want to bore all of our lovely readers to tears. To put it short, the advent of Steam as a platform as allowed smaller independent developers to create a hugely wide variety of games that target a much more diverse audience than continual Call of Duty releases.

Me: Call of Duty: ZOMBIES! 

Also me: Ha! Exactly! You’re so funny, me!

GamerCrafting yarns origin story

Me: So what’s next for GamerCrafting? 

Also me: Well, aside from THE BOOK, which will hopefully be released sometime in the autumn (late September/mid October), I spent yesterday planning out all of my spring and summer yarn dyes and releases to coincide with some AWESOME stuff happening this summer in geekworld. Let’s just say some of these yarns will be BLOCKBUSTERS (as much as a yarn can be).

If THE BOOK isn’t a huge disaster that makes me hide in a cave for 30 years, then maybe another book in the future? More yarns, new yarn bases, more vegan options, new dye techniques, and please for the love of god a bigger space so I can dry more yarn at one time.

Me: Exciting! Terrifying? 

Also me: Yeah, yup. Both of those. For sure.

Anyway, READERS, I’m now on TUMBLR. If that’s your thing come join me for wanderlust, knitting, yarnporn, and endless fangirling. Current obsession: Witcher 3 (yes I know it came out 2 years ago).

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