Game of Thrones themed yarns

Introducing Game of Thrones themed yarns

No, the show isn’t back until next week, but who cares? (Also I’ll be in Madrid when the premiere hits, so you’re getting Game of Thrones themed yarns a week early. You’re welcome.)

I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this launch. Have I mentioned that I plan yarn launches months in advance? Because I do! There’s lots to consider: yarn base, season, colors, dye quantities, timeline, etc, etc, etc. But it’s here! Finally!  Game of Thrones themed yarns!

**Disclaimer: No, I haven’t dyed all the houses. Please don’t yell at me. Lannisters are awesome but red and gold yarns sit on my shelf for AGES. Same deal with yellow and orange for the badass Martells. Ditto Baratheon. If there’s a house you LOVE and isn’t here, come talk to me. We’ll work something out.**

Game of Thrones themed yarns

First off, watch this excellent video that I made:

Excellent, right? RIGHT.

Fire and Blood

Game of Thrones themed yarns: firea and Blood, Targaryen

Danearys Stormborn, mother of dragons, breaker of chains, heir to the Targaryen throne….yup, safe to say this yarn is bad. Ass. Flashes and speckles of red and black on a white superwash merino lace weight base. Super smushy, inspired by dragons, but please don’t try to burn it.

Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones themed yarns: Brienne of Tarth

Who cares if Tarth isn’t one of the main houses in play? Brienne is hella awesome and my personal hero, so she gets a yarn. If I was in Game of Thrones, I would be Brienne. Tall, large, not very interested in men, and waves around a huge sword at anyone who crosses her.

We Grow Strong

Game of Thrones themed yarns: We Grow Strong, Tyrell

Margeary is amazing, but not half as cool as Lady Olenna, queen of sass. If Brienne is me young, then Lady Olenna is me when mature: full of biting wit and snark. Hell, that’s me now. She’s not to be trifled with, and she’s my (other) personal hero. This yarn is dyed with yellow and green to match the Tyrell house crest, with splashes of magenta for their famous rose gardens.

Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones themed yarns: Winter is Coming, Stark

Who doesn’t love this plucky band of misfits? Their theme in the soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful (don’t even get me started or I’ll never shut up), and Arya is arguably one of the best characters. Dyed with flashes and speckles of grey and black to match the Stark house crest, and icy blue because the white walkers are coming for us all. Seriously, ice zombies? No thanks.

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Game of thrones themed yarns

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Game of Thrones themed hand dyed lace weight yarns


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