*Free* watermelon mug cozy knitting pattern

Free watermelon mug cozy knitting pattern by GamerCrafting
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Happy Monday, readers! Today on LoveKnitting, you’ll find my brand new free watermelon mug cozy knitting pattern. Even though I can’t grow my own watermelons (no greenhouse, and the outdoor climate is too unpredictable), they are still my top fruit to eat in the summer. I’m ready for warm weather, and I want to celebrate with something to keep my ever-forgotten tea warm.

Did you know that watermelons are native to Africa? They require regular temperatures of 80 degrees or more (fahrenheit), and the tendrils are actually quite fragile. I’ll post more about my growing adventures soon (like when these seeds finally sprout, hopefully they will)!

Click here to see the pattern on LoveKnitting, and have a happy week!

Free watermelon mug cozy knitting pattern by GamerCrafting on LoveKnitting

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