*FREE* clutch knitting pattern

Free clutch knitting pattern by GamerCrafting

Eeeeeek! It’s been a crazy few weeks. June flew by in a flurry of travel, bad news, worse news, and complete and total political upheaval and unrest. I’m not going to get into it because I am flat out exhausted with Brexit talk. As someone in the UK on an EU visa, my future is very uncertain at the moment, and it’s causing a considerable amount of upset and stress in my life. If you want to know how I feel, and how others like me feel, please go read Anna Nickipirowicz’s (AKA Moochka) blog on the subject.

As for me, I’m hibernating with my crafts until there are some better answers. I went camping near the Norfolk coast last weekend, and spent my time hiking through the salt marshes and teaching some friends how to spin yarn from fiber (more on that later).

This post was meant to be about my new free clutch knitting pattern over on the LoveKnitting blog – so let me talk about that instead.

It’s knitted in Cascade Rabat, a worsted weight yarn that’s blended of wool, silk, and acrylic. It’s a hearty yarn with stunningly gorgeous, subtle ombre colorways that really shine through a cable pattern. The large honeycomb style cables make this clutch sturdy and cute, and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

Did I mention that it’s a FREE clutch knitting pattern? It is. Click here to see the pattern (and more pics) on the LoveKnitting blog.

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FREE clutch knitting pattern by GamerCrafting

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  1. So I have the pattern and the beautiful yarn and I'm reading through the pattern. I'm new to knitting so some things are not clear to me like they probably should be. Once I have knitted the pattern flat, do I fold up and sew up the sides?

  2. Hi Leann! Yep that's exactly what you do. You can choose to do the mattress stitch to close it up, or do a simple whip stitch, it's entirely up to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need any more help let me know!

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