Brand new Alien themed hand dyed yarn

Y’all, I’ve been teasing you about it for WEEKS, but it’s finally here!! Four brand new shades on a brand new yarn base: 100% merino wool, lace weight yarn.

Why Alien? Because I am obsessed with the Alien franchise, and Ellen Ripley is a supreme badass. Did you know that the script was written to be non-gendered, except for Ripley? Yeah, that’s right, Ripley was supposed to be a man. But then our queen Sigourney Weaver showed up and made history. (Side note: science fiction was totally invented by a woman, thanks Mary Shelley!)

So here you have it: four new shades released today in the GamerCrafting Etsy shop. Alien themed hand dyed yarn

This is Faded Stompers, a light pink, grey, and white shade. Because Ripley’s iconic alien stomper shoes would totally be faded now, after stomping all those xenomorphs. Snag a skein!

alien themed hand dyed yarn

And this is Alien Blood, representative of the caustic blood that xenomorphs have. Can eat through ships, metal, shields, and flesh. Yum yum! Snag a skein!

Alien themed hand dyed yarn

And this is LV 426, the planet where the whole franchise began. As Rick says in Rick and Morty, distress calls are dead aliens and free stuff 9 times out of 10, but sometimes it’s a trap. If only they’d have listened to Ripley, am I right? Stash attack!

Alien themed hand dyed yarn

Here’s my personal favorite from this collection: “Weyland-Yutani!” After all, none of the characters would even be in that mess without The Company being desperate to capture a xenomorph for nefarious reasons. Yellow, black, white, and grey, just like the logo! Snag a skein!

All of these yarns are 100g skeins of lace weight, 100% merino wool yarn that have been hand-dyed. They should be hand washed, as they are not superwash!

Have you seen the new shop announcement on Etsy? Pin any three things direct from the GamerCrafting shop, send me the links to the pins, and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING. That’s right, free. All you have to do is pin.

Stay tuned for new Marvel MCU yarns, new organic bases, new cottons, and coming up later this summer, KITS!









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